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 Subject: RE: Ridiculous prices on ebay...
Author: Dark Willow (
Date:   10-20-2004 17:27

It's true of the whole Atari scene, not just the Lynx or Atari games in general. The pries you see some people demand for things is incredible, and this is true of some companies as well as individuals selling on Ebay. OK I understand some Atari thingsa re rare, and if you run a business dealing only with atari stuff then the simple economies of scale force up prices - but then surely it's common business sence that if you lower prices you attract more business and so the economy of scale begins to tilt the other way!

I don't mind paying more for things ont he Atarit hat would be less on the PC (paticularly hardware) but some things are just ridiculous.

I wan tot say though this only applies to a handful, most compoanies I've done business with for Atari goods have actually been helpful and fairly priced, and most of hte people out there desinging new hardware and software I know do it for little or nothing more than the cost in materials to them. That is good to see, especially that this was rue fo the atari scene even before it became commercially marginal when Atari corp went belly up. However there are some people out there who screw others, and it makes it harder for everyone.

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