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 Subject: Lynx game: Lemmings
Author: Jonas R. Schommer (
Date:   08-27-2003 23:42

I have recently strayed from my extensive Atari 2600 collection and found the Lynx,(I am attempting to create a handheld Atari 2600 by adding a joystick keypad and paddle knob as well as a 5" Sony Playstation screen to a full size Atari 2600 4 switch game console...but I'm stuck for now) in looking around for an alternative I find the Lynx...then to my surprise, I found my favorite PC game "Lemmings" was a Lynx game....but to my dismay,..the price was $65.00....any idea why so much?.... I also noticed that there is no PAL or NTSC markings on any of the game boxes....and I have a box with an English/French label, the game that came in the sealed English/French box plays just fine on the same Lynx as the other games with English only labels....I guess there is no difference....any ideas?

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