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 Subject: RE: Falcon wont start up
Author: Damion (
Date:   09-03-2017 01:58

Ah, there are those times when life is harsh and there are those times when life just goes your way.

The last month has taken me on a huge roller coaster.

My Harley trike is getting a nice new front end. The front is a little thin for me, and so I am getting a wideglide wheel and having wider Yokes and brace put on to accomodate, and thats all costing me a couple of grand.
I take it over to the garage, and there is a slight knocking, that ended up making a huge noise... After some detective work, I find that the shocks have lost their pressure and they need to be replaced, this has caused it to bottom out a little and the chain has worn through a bar in the diff and so the diff has to be stripped down completely and rebuilt, the whole lot is going to cost me another £grand at least, so my trike is off the road, and we are just getting what might be the last bit of great weather for the year.


My ruddy SAAB has broken down. This is almost entirely my fault as I let the diesel run down really low, and so it kept jumping into safemode... It was cured with a new filter, so thats good, but its also shown my mate who is a great mechanic, that this thing is also loose... I did notice that it pulls away really poorly, and its some thingy that I have never heard of before, but it can be blocked off... He is going o do that, and since its at 80K, I'll also get the cambelt and water pump sorted at the same time.
So, my car is off the road too! - Im now having to put up with driving the wifes 206 instead.

Irritated and now Gutted too!

But there is some great news, and I will even go so far as to say AMAZING news!

Ever since I had this Falcon, it has given me some headache or other... I did have a small few weeks where it seemed to be about almost there, but it was never 100% right.

Well, last week, I had my falcon back from Rodolphe. He has given it a full run over to get it ficed up, plus, he has had to replace a few bits and bobs, and while he has knocked it back and I DO NOT have the firmware to run the CTPCI, ( I can simply reflash it of course ), I have ben playing about with it, and trying my absolute damnedest to get it to crash, and it simply wont... It is now more reliable than it has EVER been.

Chuffed as a hippy with a lifetime supply!

The only issue is, that some years ago, I had an accident and was unable to use it, and once I was able to, I found it was not looking too clever and so Iwaited till I moved home and then I found it to be messed up and so its been in france all this time.

I now dont have a clue what I am doing with the thing LOL

All my programming skills are very much in the bin, all my atari know-how, which wasnt the best in the first place, is now below par, and so, Im sat there looking at a desktop, thats running the Multitasking version of TeraDesk, but hey at least MiNT runs well enough... Now I ot to start over to work out what I need to do, to either get Magic v6.2 and Jinnee running on it ( Very much preferred ) or if its MiNT only, then Jinnee on that... Easy enough IIRC.

But either way. Im happy as hell.

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