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 Subject: RE: Atari Falcon and Ste
Author: Damion (
Date:   06-26-2022 22:57

As Paranoid said.

The STE can ONLY read and write to 720k disks. These are DD ( Double Density )

The Falcon can read 1.4MB Disks. These are of course HD ( High Density )

If you format a Disk in a PC then the Atari SHOULD be able to read the files.

DD in the ST, and HD or DD in the Falcon.

It is also very probable, that the actual tracking on the Disk head has gone slightly off, so that you might have a perfectly good disk or disks and they work just fine if you format them on one machine and then read and write to them, but then once you move the disk to another machine, they dont quite go?

I have this with my ZIP Drives.

I used to use these to transfer files to and from PC and Atari and they used to be perfect, but over the years they have done this and so it is now easier to also transfer the entire drive over from one machine to another in either direction, even though the drives all work just fine on their own.

Sorry to jump in.

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