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 Subject: RE: Atari Falcon and Ste
Author: The Paranoid (
Date:   04-29-2021 19:56

It doesn't matter which kind of connection the floppy disk drive to your PC uses. What you do need, however, is DD disks if your STE only has a DD disk drive and you need to make sure the disks are formatted properly. DOS/Windows is very picky about the format the the boot sector.

You can also use the Falcon as a gateway. The Falcon has a HD disk drive for sure and usually a harddisk - if not, you could use a compact flash card with an IDE connector (or adapter) and plug into your Falcon. The PC and the Falcon can share partition sizes up to 32MB. This way, you could copy data to the compact flash card on your PC and read out on the Falcon again.

The Paranoid / Paradox

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