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 Subject: RE: Falcon for Sale
Author: asteroid (
Date:   10-10-2001 15:34

Hi Shalroth,

No I was very very lucky and got my Falcon for free from a guy who used to go to my user group and previously used it to run a BBS.

Trouble is the Falcon was in a Desktopper case which is made of steel the same thickness and quality of a beer can, and it looked a mess with adapters and bits sticking out of it.

I spent 40 on a tower case from Maplins and then drilled and grinded bits out of it to get the case to fit. Everything is almost done, I have still got to get my friend to make the steel plate to hold the keyboard port at the back.

I broke one of the wires off the VGA port and so it will only work in RGB mode and not VGA (I am using an NEC Multisync monitor)

does anyone have diagrams of the Falcon VGA adapter??

John H

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