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I saw recently that the Commodore 64 is being marketed as one of those joystick things that you can just plug into the tv.

I also have seen that people have been hacking this joystick thing, adding keyboard and drive & it is virtually a working Commodore 64!

Can this be done with an Atari STe? I ask myself.

So this is a what if thread, this thread I just want to discuss the possibility of the Atari STe being re-made perhaps taking all the good bits and ditching the bits we don't need.

lets see, we can connect our new STe to?

TV: yes
high res pc monitor: maybe
old multisync monitor: maybe

serial port..... anyway to upgrade this? would we want USB?

parallel port..... bi-directional printer port seems fine to me, old printers must be dirt cheap..... the best printer I've had is an Apple stylewriter so if we could hook one of those up, that might be good, so maybe I want a couple of serial ports.

hard drive port.... upgraded to include support for all scsi? or do we want to go up to eieioide (whatever they're up to nowadays)?

stereo sound out for sure
sound in

video in?

14 Mb of memory (the more the better)

high density floppy drive... I know some people want to get rid of them, but they're so freely available and can be handy.

When Tos 3.01 is run on my STe, I get the resolution option, the three usual ST one's and a TT one, if we could get an extra resolution it'd be cool.

Joystick/Pad/mouse etc

I'd just go with the Jag pad, I've never used a better controller, I would imagine that it could be done in such a way that the Jag pad is accepted just as a joystick of old.

I am wondering that a revamped STe would be smaller..... and more robust...

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