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Just a topic out of context, just for the fun of it:

So i regularly use a Falcon030 and a MegaSTE.
The Falcon030 has a CD-writer and the MegaSTE doesn't, but a lot of data on its harddisk i would like to backup.
So i tried a few nullmodem terminal programs but it felt awkward and involved user-interaction on both machines.
GGN reminded me of the MIDI-COM software so i connected the two machines via MIDI and set up MIDICOM, which was very very easy to do.
It took a few evenings to copy all the files because MIDI is slow, but it was terribly easy to do and it simply worked.

Trying to write the data to CD on the Falcon030 turned out to be very very slow if not writing an image file first but there was not enough space on the internal harddisk for the image file.
So i removed the TEAC CD-ROM and connected a spare 1GB Seagate using the same ID. Partitioning required a couple of clicks in SCSI-Tools and writing all the data to this file was a job for Kobold and it simply worked.

Finally, i used CDRecorder Pro to write the data to the CD in 2x speed over an image file created first. It still took a while but it simply worked.
Afterwards, i removed the Seagate and plugged in the TEAC CD-ROM again and it simply worked.

And that's why i love Atari so much.
It's not as shiny and not as fast as current equipment is.
But it simply works.

The Paranoid / Paradox

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