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 Subject: Atari 1050 Boot Errors
Author: Jag2112 (
Date:   09-16-2012 16:56

Hey Everyone-

I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a recurring issue I've been having. I've been rebuilding my collection of Atari 8-bit computers of late.

I have a 130XE with a 1050 drive. The drive worked fine until I inserted an IBM formatted disk (didn't realize it was an IBM). Obviously it didn't load, but when I powered it off and inserted an Atari disk (which previously loaded without fail), I received a slow beep BOOT Error.

I tried everything from powering off, cleaning the heads, etc. But I continue to get boot errors on any Atari disk I enter. Fine, so I decide that the 1050 died and I purchase another one.

It works fine until I insert an old Synapse Zeppelin disk. It begins to load and then stops. I then power off and insert a new (again previously loaded) disk and once again, I'm treated to that fantastic BOOT ERROR message... and again, on every disk I try.

But wait - it gets better. I order an XF551 drive. Same thing happens.

Could something actually be wrong with my 130XE that's screwing up these disk drives, or are the drives just so old and fragile that any bad disk messes up the reading head?

I had Atari computers back in the day, wrote programs published in ANALOG, ran an Atari BBS for 3 years - and I never remember having this much trouble with the disk drives.

Any insight/help would really be appreciated.

Thanks everyone-


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