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 Subject: RE: Emulators in General
Author: Damion (
Date:   01-14-2009 03:16

I use GEMulator.

I find it hard to use anythign else really.

It does ST screen modes, and you can increase the scren size, like 1024x768 for example, but you cannot have more than 16 colours which I find weird.

I myself use the virtual Disk options, because if I use the PCs HD then it uses Windows' partitions too, so it mixes up Windows and Ataris files... Stupid.

In terms of compatibiliy, I dont really care at all for games but for serious apps, I have not found anythgin that does not run on it... Maybe CuBase or some other Sequencer but I have not tried any of those... Nor SoundTrackers actually.

I use Disk Images as I said and I have setup an image for each type of setup I want... One for Magic, one for MiNT ( Although I have not tried the latest MiNT - yet ) one for Geneva and another for TOS.

GEMulator is now Open Source and Darek has released a newer version of it on his site and its supposed to be more compatinle with XP / Vista etc.

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