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 Subject: RE: Emulators in General
Author: Brian Van Tilborg (
Date:   05-09-2008 22:38

In order to emulate and Atari. What allows for floppy drive, hard drive serial port, printer accesss, run OS, Magic, Geneva, Mint, etc.

From a quick look at Atari Running on Any Machine seems to point at 486s, Macs with OS 10, and such.

Does it work on a P4 with XP?

I have played a bit with Steem, but it seems just for games.

I would like to see an Emulator, that reads the floppies, hard drives etc.

Certainly people are using emulators in this forum.... so what is the one most preferable with a Pentium 4 and XP.

I am thinking of picking up an Old Mac, but until then...

I would like to have a stark raving fast ST.

Also can they emulate TT and Falcon, and run TT/Falcon Specific Software?


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