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 Subject: RE: Emulators in General
Author: Tortilla Chips (
Date:   04-25-2009 00:31

I also find Atari emulators to be lacking in functionality..

I would like to have an Atari 8-bit emulator at least that is fully functional. So many of the cool 'high end' stuff you can do on an 8-bit, an 8-bit emulator simply cannot yet handle.

If anyone knows of an 8-bit emulator that can do the following please tell me where I can download or purchase:

*) Full compatibility for hooking up a modem or emulating a modem for online use

*) Full spectrum of available graphics modes

*) Fully working sound emulation (including digitized speech and digitized sampling playback) as the original hardware did

*) Full compatibility with 8-bit hardware add-ons like the handheld document scanner and COVOX audio digitizer

Thanks in advance

Faithful to the original idea of the Fuji!

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