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Seems I was too excitable this morning, and posted in the wrong section:

Full text in previous post copied below:


I recently bought myself a Nokia N900 ( This is a linux phone, not locked down. It has all the connectivity you could probably want: wifi, bluetooth, 2/2.5/3/3.5G comms, IR, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, TV-out. And raw power: this thing plays Quake 3.

Also included in some of the package repositories (it's Debian-based) are some Atari emulators. I've spotted Aranym and Hatari in there, but others might have been ported.

I've installed Hatari. Today, I played Stardust for the first time in years, hooked up to my TV. It stuttered a bit when the phone was handling email in the background, but it put up an admirable performance. This, I thought, was pretty neat.

I'm thinking of digging out some of my old floppy disks and running the old games I used to love so much on my phone. Some games such as Stardust, Obsession, etc, probably lend themselves quite nicely to this sort of pick-up-and-play environment. Plus, it's a good bit of nostalgia for me.

Does anybody have any other adventures in portable emulation? I guess it's questionable that the iphone would have emulators available, but presumably Android phones will have this sort of stuff running?


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