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 Subject: Ridiculous prices on ebay...
Author: Lars (
Date:   03-08-2004 09:58

Hi all,

I just read a post on AtariAge about the
driving school program for the Lynx being sold again on ebay.
Could it be that this is the cartridge I manufactured two weeks ago and sold for EUR 35,- to someone who also bought Alpine Games, I wondered...

And indeed: This was exactly the card I sold, now on ebay for $99 opening price or $160 instant buying price.

FOLKS: If this is not ridiculous, then what?
If you want to collect "rare" cards that are still in production (in this case on demand), just order them from the original vendor or distributor for a fair price.

And for the rarity: All cartridges that were in production, done by Bastian Schick, Markus Wühl, Björn Spruck, Duranik and others are still available. This means: T-TRIS, SIMIS, Sokomania, Lynx Reloaded, Alpine Games and the above mentioned "PITS", commonly known as "Driving School Program" or "FS-3" in Germany.

One possible alternative for those that put their spare time in programming and production of new Lynx software would be to just sell their work via ebay and charge those high prices themselves.
I´ve been asked several times why I don´t sell via ebay.
The result would be clear: You wouldn´t really have access to new titles, just a slow dripping of cards to the public, one by one - for the price some collector is willing to pay.
I will not support such "marketing", as this clearly does not serve the remaining loyal Lynx enthusiasts and plain gamers.
As I can´t prevent my customers from selling on ebay for a quick buck, I think the only way to reduce this "freeloader" behaviour is INFORMATION!
So go and spread the news...


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