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 Subject: RE: What Atari?
Author: FatRakoon (
Date:   12-02-2007 04:13

Well, if you have some games and you only really need to play those games, then any ST will be fine, but yes, a 1040 is preferable as many games needed 1MB and I think the most compatible ST you can try for, would be the 1040 STFM or better stil the STE

Ideally an STE over an STFM as they are newer and have slightly superior hardware, but to be honest, for games, there are a very very small number of games that will be STE only and there is no difference in the games for the rest of the titles.

So, if I cut down my nauseous waffling, you are best off going for an STE and if not, and STFM.

How do you go about getting a HD onto it.

The Ataris had a few options available to it, but the best option I feel would be to get a SCSI Hard Drive, thats about 1GB or maybe even less ( More chance of compatibiliy I feel )and then, because the ACSI or DMA port on the ST is close, but not quite the same as SCSI, you will need a special adapter so that you can connect the SCSI HD to the ST.

These are becoming harder and harder to source these days, but there is always alternatives.

You could try System solutions / The Atari workshop for the availability of a HD but they were disgustingly expensive back in the day, and they are the most expensive option still today... Try Best Electronics in the US for better prices but of course xpect higher postage.

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