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 Subject: RE: Atari Eagle Project
Author: Michael Bernstein (
Date:   10-13-2008 15:37


> Ah, maybe I was a bit unclear. I never
> meant that porting the kernel would be
> the only step required to get things off
> the ground.

Maybe my answer was a bit to fast ;-)

> My point was only that I do believe it's
> better to focus on FreeMiNT/XaAES

I aggree with you. As the final system i would see FreeMiNT and XaAES.

> than to put lots of energy into getting a
> fully working TOS/GEM-environment.

But i think, there was not much wasted time and work. You need the BIOS and XBIOS of TOS. This is much more work than i expect for the GEMDOS part. You need a VDI driver. If you have a VDI driver for a TOS/GEM environment, you can expand this driver to any other GDOS system. For the AES of a TOS/GEM system i expect much less work than for the VDI driver.

I think, to start with a TOS/GEM as a base is not wasted time because most of the work is needed or can be reused for a MiNT/XaAES system. But i would not start to patch a existing TOS for this work. I think, a system based on EmuTOS was much more easy to set up and reusing the VDI driver was much more easy with new sourcecode.

Best regards

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