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 Subject: RE: SCSI CLOCK on Falcon? How to test?
Author: Damion (
Date:   08-21-2022 12:23

yes, most likely with me.

Please forgive, but a few years ago I had an accident and so my brain fizzles out all the time and I lose bits of memories here and there all the time.

I think its an overall issue that I have with copying data.

For example...

I have been trying to get a drive to make sure that I have all my data backed up again.

I have a 16GB mSata Flash drive that seems to be mostly working as it should be. I still get a huge number of crashes when I try to run some stuff, but overall, its all running very good.

Now, I bought a few things, and the last thing I tried, was a 32GB Compact flash.

I have a number of adapters and so on and I have used CF Cards in the past, so, I thought I would splash out on a bigger one as the reliability of them is supposed to be really good.

I copied the 16GB onto the new 32GB CF Card with teh same size partitions apart from the big FAT32 which was now huge.

Everything seemed to be ok.

I am fully able to boot from the CF Card, I put everything from the C: of the MSata onto this and again it boots etc, and so I then copy the lot over.

Now, the CF Card boots and then Crashes before it gets to the desktop.

So, I go through each file one by one and they are 100% identical, they have copied over just fine, but why does it now crash?

I put the mSata back in and its fine aghain.

This is the sort of niggly thing that I keep on getting.

Right now, I have been completely unable to access the SCSI Drives. I am assuming that coule be the cables but they are all brand new and the yworked flawlessly the last time I needed to access them.

All niggles.

But using the Msata and no SCSI, its near flawless.

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