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 Subject: RE: SCSI CLOCK on Falcon? How to test?
Author: Damion (
Date:   11-18-2022 13:05

Sorry, I thought I had already replied to this.
Anyway, yes, I understand that SCSI is DMA and IDE is not.

No, I have been having issues with SCSI on the Falcon since I had it. The previous owner has tried to do the Patch, but has done a rotten job, and I tried my best to clear it up and put it back to its original state, but the previous owner has done too much dammage.
When I sent it to Rodolphe a couple of years ago to fix it and he hqad to replace a number of chips, and fix the board for me, he also repaired the SCSI clock for me.

So, lately, what I have been doing, is a few tests with a bare drive, and I am thinking the ruddy cable is the problem?

Its a similar thing with the IDE Cable... Sometimes it does not see the Drive and sometimes it does... At the moment its fine and has been for a while, but I have tried to swap over to Compact Flash and I have bought a new CF and copied everything over, but then it crashes after it boots, and does things that it shouldnt do!

So, with the IDE also having issues and the SCSI also having issues, I was thinking it was one issue, but now I am considering that the cables are to blame.

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