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 Subject: Falcon faulty? need help.
Author: Smeg (
Date:   08-03-2002 19:09

I have a new problem thats cropped up, actually I have two, and I dont know if theyre related.

I was trying all night to get my CD drive to work, eventually I did, but during this time the falcon started giving me black screen on boot (no sync to monitor either). If I turn the power off then back on quickly then the falcon boots fine. Also, I noticed that none of my hard disk recording packages work properly anymore. I can plug the CD drive output into the mic socket (its line level now) and if I run musicom2 dig-it-al then I can hear the CD out from the headphone socket, but I cant record any of it. I tried audio master and audio tracker demo and I have similar problems. Even if I load up cubase audio all the VU meter bars are jumping around all over the place, nothing will monitor or record. Also, if I try to play a sample (.snd .aif whatever) then I just hear a click then nothing. I know the audio amp is still working cos I can hear keyboard clicks (which IIRC come from the PSG) and also the CD music will route thru to the headphone socket.

It sounds to me like the CODEC has died, but this wouldnt give the computer a problem booting would it? Are the two problems related or is it just a coincidence?


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