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 Subject: RE: Falcon faulty? need help.
Author: Smeg (
Date:   08-03-2002 22:06

Thanks Lyndon, downloaded iphigenie, and I think that was exactly what I need.

I think that the DSP is faulty. I found that audio programs tend to route the mic inputs (ADC) into the DSP, and back out again to the headphones, even when you DONT want to execute a DSP program on the audio stream. I found that by pressing record on audiotracker then using iphigenie to change the matrix (bypass the DSP and source straight from the ADC) I could record a file properly. Also the playback of same file can be acheived by routing DMA playback to ADC output.

BTW, i tried DSPbench and I get loads of bombs. (I upgraded the clock to 50mhz a while ago and it was fine then).

Well Id better try putting the clock back to 32mhz, if that dont work I'll be looking for a new DSP chip I guess.

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