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 Subject: RE: Falcon faulty? need help.
Author: Smeg (
Date:   08-04-2002 00:39

Thanks for your help.

I fixed the problem.

When I originally fitted the 50mhz oscillator I took the 5v power from the ajax, instead of the large cap next to the osc because when i measured it, it was ~9v which I figured was too high.

I resoldered the 50mhz, and moved the power to the cap and the machine boots straight away but DSPbench still bombs.
I took out the 50mhz osc and remade the break between the DSP and DMA 32mhz clocks and the falc booted first time without the power off trick, and dsp bench works fine, and so do all my audio stuff (CAF, audiotracker, musicom2, winrec etc etc) esp where DSP progs are used.

So I figure the 50mhz osc has gone tits up. Maybe it was just faulty???

So now I am back at 32/32mhz, but at least I can use the damn machine :-)

Oh I wish I could afford a CT60....

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