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 Subject: RE: PSU for a PCI PSU?
Author: Damion (
Date:   01-26-2015 16:57

Oh my god, itsstarted again.

Right, appologies for the post. Yes, its very unclear, but I have serious mental issues and so I do this kind of thing.

Right, I forgot to point out, that I am currently using a 430w ATX PSU on my Atari Falcon CT63

The Falcon has 16MB plus the CT has 512MB
I am running a single 32GB mSATA Card internally, and I am also using a CTPCI however, while I do have an ATI Card for it that works, I have never been able to get the Falcon to anything even close to a stable enough level when using anything ( Even though CuBase Audio is flawless when using it? )

So,anyway, I have recently bought a pico PSU to help save space however, I am unsure what amps I will need to drive it fully?

I know its 12v of course, but will a 2 Amp PSU be good enough for it?

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