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 Subject: RE: PSU for a PCI PSU?
Author: Damion (
Date:   02-15-2015 15:54

Sorry for not getting back earlier.
Ok, well the calc is a good one... thank you.
This pico psu itself is 120w as you say and so I now know the minimum amps that I should use.
My falcon is currently not being used because I simply cannot get it stable at all???
That said, when I use CuBase Audio or Score, it runs 100% perfectly but when I try using MagicOS Im not getting a nice reliable run at all. Similarly with Mint too.
I am simply gathering my Setup and getting it running again, and then starting from scratch, hopefully in the next few months.
The ctpci has an Ati card, and that runs nicely but again, i was not using it because it takes so long to initialise it and with it being so iffy, its a PITA to have it crash.
I also think that it crashes partly because I have gone from SCSI to IDE and i had issues with scsi and the files are now iffy, so its possible that my entire software collection is corrupt.

I will use the TT to save new CDs when I can.

Ok enough for now.

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