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 Subject: RE: no ram?
Author: Damion (
Date:   04-23-2018 03:16

Hell, I did write a long post, but thats my issue.

I talk bollocks without actually saying anything, as you know I do.

I dont mean to, its a mental issue.

Yes, thats my post and yes my mess.

I have been to chesterfield today, so not had chance to do much playing about, but last night, I did notice an out of memory error again, and this was NOT with the LZH or TTP as I have just been mentioning.

I have also decided that since my TT is still flawless, then what I will do, is get the Falco nand the TT to do the same tasks with the same files, and indeed, I need to get files that I know are good from the TT to the Falcon, and as another option, I will swap the SDRAM over to another stick, to see where that gets me.

for now though, I am still completely unable to unLZH a few files with a few versions of UNLZH.

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