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 Subject: RE: no ram?
Author: Damion (
Date:   04-24-2018 13:24

Oh yes, I remeber that, thank you.
Inever gave it much thought, but obviously, its handy to note that. Thank you.

MINT - From the start.
Ok, yes maybe I should. I have a habit of waffling off and so the chances are, I would have mentioned EVERYTHING that I have in my system, in which case, youd have ltuned out a long time ago and never got to the end of my post. But ok, mint is a huge deal.

And no, mint is not my favourite either. Magic is vastly superior, and hellishly quicker. Im aware that mint has better THIS and better THAT, but Magic has better EVERYTHING ELSE.

Opinions of course and ignorant ones at that, but there you go!

Anyway, for what it is worth, last night, I setup a nice frash CF Card and used that instead of the HD, to do a good fresh install of MiNT, and I got it all setup and installed, I even put Jinnee back in, instead of the TeraDesk that it was using, and it all ran 100% fine. I then tested out both the in question TTP/LZH issues I had, plus a number of other things that I wanted to try out that were possible issues and everythign went a treatas it is supposed to.

So yeah, it MUST be down to some level of data corruption, that while not present in the TTP or Archives, were surely present in the MINT or AUTO Folder programs.

I suppose that when I look at things, most of the time, my programs have come from my original ST through other machines and the TT and then the F030 and now the F060 and in most cases, I have not actualy reinstalled, but merely copied the same binaries all the time, and so its bound to affect something or other of the years.

Apart from the obvious 680x0 apps of course.

Thank you though.
I do appreciate everything.

I do also take everythign in too, even though the way my head works, it does not look like I do, I do.

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