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 Subject: RE: no ram?
Author: Paranoid / PDX (
Date:   04-23-2018 10:41

Well, i'm no MiNT expert but it would have helped if you had written that right from the start. Because on 68030 processors and above, MiNT can be run with memory protection and that might abort certain programs that consider "all your memory are belong to us".

Anyhow, here's what i _ALWAYS_ recommend to do if software is not running as intended:
a.) Make sure the binary is not corrupted,
b.) Boot the machine into TOS (no MagiC, no MiNT) and try,
c.) boot the machine cleanly into TOS and try

If step c.) or step b.) do the trick, the software you're trying to run is merely incompatible and should be replaced.
You could, if you insist on MiNT rename "MINT" into "MINTNP" and retry, it will behave like TOS does with regard to memory protection (i.e. none).

Good luck.

The Paranoid / Paradox

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