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 Subject: RE: no ram?
Author: Damion (
Date:   04-23-2018 05:02

Ah hells bells.

Booting up with a clean setup into TOS and the bloody things all seem to work fine.

I am using a generic 64MB Stick instead of my usual Crucial 256MB one, but Im not sure if thats helping.

All the files that I am trying to access, are on J: K: and L: and these are large drives and therefore only work in MiNT.

My D: I use for system stuff and so packers and archivers are on there, and I tried one out minus the TTP info and I quickly saw some text... Not an out of Memory thingy.

I then done some hunting about and found a few files both ZIP and LZH and I was perfectl;y able to unarc everything I tried to.

What I am now thinking... Going back to the thread you wanted to shoot me over ( cant blame you ) and looking at the likelyhood, that I have data corruption due to my Flacon being iffy in the past, what I am going to do, is go back fully to the start, and do a completely new fresh install of MINT.

My TOS setup, seems to be fine, and so I wont touch that, but the MiNT setup, is clearly not right. I think that must be my next move.

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