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 Subject: RE: Value of my TT?
Author: Damion (
Date:   07-28-2020 03:11

Wow, thats a small fortune I wont pretend otherwise.

The software thats on it, is pretty much a little bit of everything.

Its got Art & Graphics, Office stuff Papyrus 8 and P@apyrus Office and Texel and a whole host of others, Music Apps, internet stuff and many programming apps like C, and HiSfot Basic v2.5 and DevPac 3 and its setup to run Magic v6.2 & Jinnee 2.5 Desktop

Single Tasking though can be chosen to play Music Apps like CuBase and BreakThru 2

I will absolutely delete my own personal files off it, but I will be more than happy to leave the programs on.

In truth however, I was simply thinking of wiping the HD before I sold it.

The condition is excellent.

However, some time ago, I sprayed the case black.

I dont know why I did this, but there you go.

I do feel it loks much better in black anyway.

Its got 4MB STRAM and 16MB TTRAM and its works flawlessly.

MY Motorbike needs new tyres and Chain & Sprockets and I have just spent over a gand on my ruddy car and it still needs the brake disks and pads all round so thats another 200 to spend and so I could do with a few quid.

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