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 Subject: RE: Value of my TT?
Author: Damion (
Date:   03-22-2022 16:18

Bit dated on this, so I wonder if anyone will see it.

Yes, my TT is my baby, I have had 3 Falcons since owning this darling.

It DOES have a VGA port and so sure, you can connect it to a VGA screen, however... And this is a BIG however, but it does not quite have a 100% VGA compatible signal from it.

I sued to have a great little CRT VGA Monitor for it, and like an idiot, I got rid of it. It was 12" and when I showed the TT Screen, it had a bit of a block on the side of the screen, and I could not quite get the display to stretch enough, or even center perfectly but I got used to it. The display was crisp and nice.

But since then, I have never been able to find a screen that gives it a crisp display.. Its always had a slightly fuzzy or iffy display. I have bought multiscna screens and tried many TVs with a VGA output and I have not found any that do it perfectly. I more recently bought a few adapters to try to get the TT HIGH res onto a VGA screen and even a weird tunable VGA adapter and none have done it as good.

Sure I am nit-picking here because they all show the display and its not bad, but I know it could be better.

The Falcon on the other hand is giving a delicious display, but in truth... I prefer the TT to the Falocon, even though my Falcon is currently a 90Mhz 060 with 14+256MB and running off SSD... The TT is still my baby.

Oh, and the TT runs everything I try while the Falcon simply never has. Its runing CuBase Audio 060 flawlessly however.

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