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 Subject: RE: Value of my TT?
Author: Damion (
Date:   08-14-2020 08:39

I am all up for making money, but at the same time, if anyone is stupid enough to pay anything near that much for an Atari, then the Atari had better be made of platinum or they are stupid and deserve to be screwed over!

I would also not like to ask such a ridiculous price. I find it simply disgusting that people seem to ask such a price.

In the same breath however, its worth more to me than just a few quid.

So, in truth abotu 500-750 would be a great price for my TT and any less I wont bother and any more, would make me feel horrible.

Its about the price I feel that its worth and even then, only because every other one has been sold for more.

My Falcon is a different story.

I sent that off to Rodolphe a couple of years ago and I paid him a good few quid to give it a full once over because it has NEVEr run right for me since I bought it and since that time, it has been absolutely rock solid.

Its cost me about 2000 in total and so I would ask a grand for that for sure.

But no, the TT will go if any.

AlberTT Card.
Ah yeah, that I sold off after playing with it for about a day.
Actually no, it was only one day it was that useless to me.

I made a huge loss on that, but thats how it goes I suppose?

So no, sorry.

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