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 Subject: RE: Value of my TT?
Author: M68K (
Date:   07-29-2020 05:32


That's basically the same configuration as my TT that I bought 20 years ago. I also painted my case and keyboard black. I would delete personal files but leave the software on it as someone may find it useful. The last TT I saw for sale was about 3 years ago but was a private sale so no idea what price it fetched. Over the last month I have seen two Falcons sold for $2500-$4000, and three Mega STE's sold between $1000-$1200 (all USD). Seems like a lot of higher end Ataris selling now. If you put it up for sale, it will go quickly.

I just got reunited with my TT after 10 years apart. It not only survived the 6000 km trip but the original hard drive is working fine and even the date was correct (the clock still has the original C-cell batteries from 20 years ago!). I am retrobrighting the keys and will touch up the paint on the case. This pandemic has caused a global shortage of hydrogen peroxide so I am glad I only have the keys to restore.



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