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I am concerned that my SCSI Clock is NOT quite right?

I fixed it myself and also when Rudolfe had my Falcon, he fixed it.

It did work fine, but I recently copied some stuff from the TT to the Falcon, by writing a CDROM on the TT this CDROM is in an EXternal SCSI Case, along with a Syquest 44MB and a 135MB Removable drives, plus a large IDE Connected through a SCSI adapter.

It all works great ( or I think it does ), but, when I then connected this stuff up to the Falcon. it all seemed to copy fine, but there was some corrupt data.

So, I am kind of thinking that the SCSI clock might be iffy.

I have of course checked the cables and they seem to be fine.

The TT cable and the Falcon cable are different of course, but I have spares.


Is there a simple way to actually test if the SCSI is working as it should be?

Is there a way to test the SCSI Clock?

Is there an easy way to test the SCSI Cables?
I have done the boring and laboriuos way of simply using a multimeter to test every pin on both sides, but on the Falcon, its a bloody awkward job.

Anything that you can offer to advise, I will be grateful.

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