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 Subject: Falcon wont start up
Author: Damion (
Date:   04-13-2017 02:56

I have moved to a new home, and I am trying to setup my Atari once again.

I have the CT63 and CTPCI connected to my Falcon, and I am trying to start her up, and I am getting very close to nothing out of her.

I no longer have a Falcon PSU and so, for the moment, I can only try by using an ATX PSU connected to the CT63

Now, if I jumper the 030 mode on, it boots to get the SUPERBOOT menu up, but thats where it ends.

If I try to boot into Magic, it simply presents me with a white screen and nothing more.
Similarly, if I try just booting into GEM, again nothing doing.

The Disk cannot be entirely corrupt if its booting enough to get the SuperBoot menu, so why does it fail to get any further.

Now, in 060 mode, I have had even less success... I did for about a fraction of a second, see the colourful fullscreen CT63 logo show up, but that was seriously for a fraction of a second and I have only managed it once.

I have NOT been able to boot up at all, not even into a SUPERBOOT page in 060 mode.

Now, I do see on the Monitor that its showing a mesage that says OUT OF RANGE and if memory serves me ( and it does not - I have serious mental issues ) but there is a few reasons that this could be happening, and when it happened before, I did this and that and it kind of fixed it... Sort of?

Anyone have any ideas to help out?

Thank you!

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